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Ballarat is a rural city in the heart of Victoria, just over one hour drive from Melbourne, with a population of approximately 100,000 people. Ballarat is a vibrant major regional centre that retains a relaxed rural lifestyle. Ballarat has facilities that can compete with any major city; top regional schools in Victoria, excellent private and public hospitals, and is one of Victoria's premier tourist destinations. Ballarat businesses offer a broad range of products which includes catering for the rural community's needs. It has a diverse range of community groups, service clubs, sporting clubs and arts based societies and groups catering for a full spectrum of people and interests. Major events such as the Begonia Festival, the Royal South Street Competition and sporting events involve both local people and participants from a large catchment.

As Ballarat is a central inland city, it provides a regional hub for the state's bus and rail transport network. The completion of the fast rail project is anticipated to reduce the current 80 minute rail trip between Ballarat and Melbourne to close to 60 minutes. Melbourne International Airport and the ports of Melbourne and Geelong are also within one hour's travel time. Ballarat has strong ties with manufacturing, tourism, health and community services, education and retail, and together with the developing IT, communication and financial sectors, Ballarat is fast becoming home to many new residents looking for a change of pace and a breath of fresh air.


More than Gold

The liveability of any community is revealed through the stories of its residents. It is these stories which make a community unique. Whilst the Ballarat Region has often been defined by its rich history, we are so much “More than Gold” and now have a compelling story to tell.

More than Gold is an exciting campaign coordinated by Committee for Ballarat which captures the stories of local residents on what they love about Ballarat and the region, why they choose to live, work, study and invest in our community and showcases` the vibrant and progressive culture of Ballarat and its region.

The stories along with the stunning photos provide an outstanding visual representation of the region. 

Please enjoy scrolling through the e-book.



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